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What is final expense insurance?

Final life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that has a small death benefit design to cover expenses such as a funeral or memorial service, embalming and a casket, or cremation. It often goes by the alternate names of end-of-life, burial, or, funeral insurance. It's a great way to secure your peace of mind knowing that your death won't result in a financial burden for your family.

insurance Policies

Key Takeaways

  • Final life insurance is a whole life insurance policy designed to pay for your funeral cost.

  • The premium for final expenses insurance tends to be affordable.

  • Final expenses insurance does not require a medical exam so it's easy to qualify.

  • It provides coverage depending on your exact age, gender, state of residence, health, and how much coverage you purchase.

  • Beneficiaries can use the death benefit for any purpose from paying property taxes to taking a vacation.

  • People without another life insurance policy are the best candidates for final expense insurance.

Understanding final expense insurance

There are some basic terms you have to understand and acknowledge when you apply for final expense insurance.

  • Once you have your policy, the premiums cannot increase and the death benefit cannot be decreased.

  • Final expenses insurance premiums depend on your age and health and may also depend on your gender.

  • Final expense insurance does not expire when you reach a certain age.

  • Any loans that are unpaid When you die will reduce how much money your beneficiaries receive.

  • No worries about the medical exam if required let the policy company access your medical records.

  • If you do not use tobacco you may qualify for lower rates, it completely depends on the insurer.

If one knows the above information before taking the insurance then it will be very easy for him to understand the final expense insurance and there will be no doubt remain about this insurance.

How final expenses insurance works

Final life insurance is a type of whole life insurance cause unlike a term policy, whole life insurance does not expire at a certain age. To sign up for Final Expense Insurance you need to answer some health-related questions. however, you won't need to take a medical exam to get covered. If you die your beneficiaries will receive funds whose premiums you paid every month. Some insurers who can't pass the health screening questions offer policies with a modified benefit or a graded benefit rather than a level benefit. These policies typically have waiting periods of two or three years until the full death benefit will be paid. If in that waiting period of time the insurer dies, the beneficiaries would receive a return of premium or only a portion of the death benefit.

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