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What is Business Owners Insurance?

Business Owners’ Insurance is a special kind of insurance which is also called BOP. It protects your properties and covers your liabilities. It comes in one package. It is popular for several small and medium businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, contractors, and wholesalers.

BOP combines property coverage and liability to create one package which is the best for smaller businesses. It is a great insurance policy for medium and small businesses that have commercial property, such as restaurants, retail stores, etc.

It can protect the company from several losses, including hail damage, fire damage, vandalism, inventory spoilage, and more.

What does Business Owners' Insurance Cover?

A BOP generally covers two sections. They are

  • Business Property

  • Liability

Brief details about the business property and liability coverage have been given below to understand better at a glance:

Business Property

The primary goals of Business Owners' Insurance are to protect your business and commercial property. Because it is a movable property that can be used for commercials. It also covers other damages, including losses, pollution clean-up, debris removal, and more.

Like other policies, BOP has coverage prohibitions, which you should know. If you need to cover something that you forgot to protect, policy endorsement can take action to extend the coverage.


The general liability coverage and the liability coverage of BOP are the same. The coverages protect you from liabilities, including property damage, customer injury, product items, and advertising injury.

However, this coverage does not include workers and employees. You need to buy another compensation policy for that matter.

Who Can Get Help from BOP?

If you have a small business like a retail store, wholesale store, or restaurant, you can get help from BOP in many ways. Because this policy is for medium and small businesses. Several other businesses can get protection from Business Owner Assurance Policy. They are

  • Contractors

  • Small Real Estate

  • Garages

  • Financial Services

  • Customer Care Service

  • Manufacturer

  • Technological Service Center

  • Retail

  • Publishers

  • Pet Care Services

  • Restaurants

  • Food Services

  • Religious Organizations

  • Cultural Organizations

What’s the Difference between an Ordinary Liability Insurance and BOP?

Many people think that there is no difference between ordinary liability policy and BOP. But they have a major difference between them.

The ordinary or general liability only covers the liability losses. But BOP protects the company from business commercial services and liability losses.

An ordinary liability policy covers property damage, physical injury, advertising injury, personal losses, and medical fees. However, they will cover the damages in terms of the condition of the policy. Moreover, the policy gives the company a defense system if the clients are accused.

On the other hand, the BOP system covers not only the business property but also the liability damages. It is why Business Owners' Insurance is far greater than any other general liability policy. Besides, it covers restoration and data loss too.

There is another difference between them. The General Liability Policy does not cover auto-mobile losses. But BOP provides cover for the loss. And BOP has another name that is Non-Owner Car Insurance State Farm.

Business Owner Policy Insurance Form

Business Owners’ Insurance is a special kind of insurance which is also called BOP. It protects your properties and covers your liabilities.

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