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What is the medicare advantage?

Medicare Advantage is the type of insurance that offers us basic Medicare needs with additional benefits.It is controlled by a private company but its rules are covered by Medicare..Apart from its Medicare Advantage, there are other names like Medicare Part C or MA Plans.Depending on the plan you choose, you can get hospital and medical insurance coverage and additional coverage from Medicare Advantage.This is another way you can get Medicare part A and part B coverage.

One of the advantages of Medicare Advantage is that it provides coverage for things that original Medicare does not, such as fitness programmes , some services ( vision,hearing, and dental).Many times these do not carry additional premium charges. Your plan must cover emergency care and medically necessary services like original Medicare.Most plans include Medicare drug coverage(part D).

What Does Medicare Advantage Cover and Cost?

Depending on your choice you can get Medicare Advantage coverage plans likes

Prescription Drug Coverage: Most Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage, but Original Medicare usually doesn't.

Dental,Vision,and hearing: Its non medically necessary coverage.only medicare advantage plans differ in the amount of coverage for these options.

Medicare advantage plans cost vary from plan to plan and it also varies based on where you live.Its cost is usually determined by premium, deductible and copayment.plans come with its own monthly premium and yearly deductible, which is sometimes added on the top of the part B premium.

What Medicare Advantage provides

Medicare Advantage offers many things that original Medicare often does not.Not everyone needs Medicare Advantage. You can choose the best Medicare Advantage for you based on your medical and financial needs.

  • Additional health services

  • Coordinated in network care

  • Lower prices on medical

  • Out of pocket cost

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Medicare Advantage is the type of insurance that offers us basic Medicare needs with additional benefits.

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